Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Janie and the Balloon

From the producers of great works like "Janie and the fish" and "Janie Pie, 'I'm a maverick'", comes the the long awaited critically acclaimed short film "Janie and the balloon". See what happens when Janie realizes that there's a balloon tied to her collar. "Amazing character development" says the New Dog Times. "I never thought it would have ended that way" says the Time Barkazine.


jg said...

hee hee! That looks like fun. I may have to try that with Snick sometime.

Bill - Owner of Patrick said...

Looks like she was having fun.
So did she finally pop it?

Maya said...

Yup she did. I was about to shut the camera off... and it was a strange coincidence that she popped it the half second before I pressed the button to stop recording!