Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hearing all the talk about our Dogster friends swimming this summer, we decided to officially put Janie in Shiba Water Patrol training! We ordered this baby pool from Amazon and tried it on for size yesterday. At first we only filled it up a couple inches, and Janie was loving it. Umm what's not to love about a ginormous water bowl?! I'm sure the heat & humidity helped a bit. Yes, she is laying there on her terms.

Then we filled it (almost) to the top once she was accustomed to it and Charlie the basset hound, who acts like quite the Shiba about water, joined in the fun. The pool is small so they were taking turns, it was the cutest thing EVAR!

Give. Me. My. BALL!!!!!

Basking in the sun.
What a wet, refreshing, & exciting time we had!

Today we took a stroll down to the local park and had some fun on the playground. Here's Janie, Charlie & Jon on the round spinning thing. This was after the dogs were spun round and round muahahah!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Motivated by the likes of Henry, Chad, Loki & Winnie, we've decided to create a blog chronicling the escapades of our girl, Janie. Here are a few pics to play catch up!

Janie at 3.5 months old.
We brought her home on this hot, August day.

This pic made it into the
2008 NYC Shiba Rescue calendar!

Janie at 4.5 months.

Halloween costume parade in Hoboken.

Pumpkin picking with daddy.
5 months.

Our poor baby after her spay day.
6 months.

Puppy 101, Class of 2007!


Janie & the ferret, Feb. 2008

She screams bloody murder in the bathtub, but this she'll lay in voluntarily.

Panting bol!
April 2008

Janie and her pal, Killian at a Shiba Meetup, June 2008.
And we are all updated! Phew.